SOC as a Service

M87 SOC as a Service

Move faster with an all-in-one solution to threat monitoring

Cut down response times and eliminate risk while injecting visibility across endpoints with a managed SOC solution that does it all.

M87 SOC as a Service

Move faster with an all-in-one solution to threat monitoring

Introducing the modern SOC

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity. Organizations require a proactive approach to threat intelligence tailored to their people, processes, and technologies. 

M87’s SOC as a Service is an around-the-clock approach to threat management that identifies, prioritizes, and assesses clear and present threats to your business while keeping you compliant.

  • Eliminate blind spots with a proactive approach that lets you think like hackers 
  • Partner with an industry leader and 100+ years of cybersecurity expertise 
  • Stay compliant at all times while protecting sensitive data 
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M87 SOC as a Service Features

Drive Visibility Across All Endpoints

Traditional cybersecurity tools aren’t built for the cloud. M87 closes any visibility gaps introduced by cloud migration. Introduce context across users, devices, networks, alerts, and cloud services.

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  • Eliminate blind spots in your security posture with total visibility and control from every device to the cloud. 
  • Support actionable intelligence, better accuracy, and quicker response times with continuous visibility across systems.

Find Threats With Automation

Manually separating valid alerts from massive amounts of data is time-consuming and prone to human error. Save time and enable your analysts to focus on higher-value security functions by leveraging automation where it counts. 

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  • Reduce risk to your organization with 24/7 threat monitoring and analysis powered by machine learning. 
  • Free your teams to begin investigations, threat hunting, and remediation.

Unlock Unlimited Scalability

Leverage multi-tenant elastic scalability with cloud-native architecture that lets you keep up with a changing threat environment while delivering a centralized risk assessment across both cloud and on-premises infrastructure. 

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  • Deploy fast and scale faster with cloud-native architecture that unlocks the full power of cloud computing. 
  • Cut down on the costs and complexity of security.

Generate Deep-dive Insights

Focus on crucial threats to your cybersecurity posture with automatically-generated insights that tell your analysts everything they need to know about a potential incident. Shorten validation and investigation times with cutting-edge threat intelligence.

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  • Enable immediate investigation with correlation-based detection that generates actionable insights, instantly. 
  • Make rapid response decisions based on critical context.

Analyze Alerts in Real Time

Today’s SOC teams are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of alerts. Eliminate alert fatigue while keeping pace with sophisticated modern attacks with prioritized and contextualized threat data based on world-class SOC insights.

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  • Leverage innovative pattern and threat intelligence with automated triage alerts that convert to actionable insights. 
  • Empower your analysts with a web-based, modern UI. 

Support Your Existing Team

Supplement your skills and resources with M87’s world-class threat hunting team. Take advantage of instant, direct support to form a collective and proactive defense against emerging threats.

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  • Launch a rapid response against threats with an around-the-clock threat hunting team. 
  • Take advantage of the latest tools and top-tier training to form a proactive defense without straining your SOC resources. 

Transform Your Cybersecurity Capabilities with M87's SOC as a Service

Give your organization the complete protection it needs to proactively monitor, detect, and respond to today’s leading cybersecurity threats.