Building a secure foundation for business success

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing digital minefield. M87 has the personnel, resources, and expertise to navigate it. You provide the infrastructure — we’ll handle the rest.


Building a secure foundation for business success

Managed Services

Bridge the cybersecurity skill gap

Your ecosystem is more expansive, complex, and risk-prone than ever.  Protecting it requires the right software, people, and expertise. Unfortunately, security experts are in short supply, and the cost of hiring an in-house security team is often too high.

That’s where M87 comes in. Outsource the management and operation of your network security to us. We’ll keep your people, systems, and data safe — and your IT budget in the black.

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You need it. We maintain it.

Countless organizations now struggle with cybersecurity, often overburdening their IT departments in the process. There’s a better way. Partner with M87, and we’ll take care of the heavy lifting and technical work, from account management to implementation and maintenance. 

Alongside our Advisory Services, Vulnerability Management and SOC Services, we offer the following: 

Managed Network Security

Shield Your Ecosystem

We’ll protect both your information and reputation, both within and beyond your security perimeter.

Managed Cloud Security

Control Your Cloud

Whether on-premises, hosted, or hybrid, we’ll make sure your cloud and the data it contains stays safe. 

Managed Security Services

Enhance Your Approach

Whether you’re drafting an acceptable use policy or figuring out your deployment process, M87 has your back.

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response and Mobile Security

Protect Every Endpoint

Protect your distributed workforce with better threat detection and endpoint security.

Managed Identity Access & Privileged Management

Incorporate Better Access Control

Protect your most valuable assets without interrupting workflows.

Managed Security Policy Orchestration & Automation

Streamline Your Security

Stop struggling with complex processes and policies — cybersecurity doesn’t need to be difficult.

Why M87?

In the cybersecurity space, there’s one thing that’s in short supply — people. There simply aren’t enough skilled experts to go around. M87 is proud to help its clients address that problem.

But our clients get more than just a few managed services. We take a targeted approach to protecting your business, informed by over a hundred years of combined expertise. Our people know how cybercriminals think, so we know the best, most efficient way to ward them off. 

Stop struggling with network security. Let M87 shoulder that burden. You focus on doing what you do best.

M87 Benefits
  • People first, processes second, product last
  • It takes a hacker to beat a hacker
  • We handle the heavy lifting
  • No more blind spots
  • Proactive and reactive operations in one
  • Security you can understand

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