Educational Services

Educational Services

Best-in-class cybersecurity starts with your employees

Discover powerful insights into cybersecurity best practices with educational services that enable your people, processes, and technology.

Educational Services

Best-in-class cybersecurity starts with your employees

Traditional security awareness, solution-specific or in person, we cover all your training needs

Continuous Campaigns

  • Phishing & Mindfulness
  • Suspicious email reporting
  • Gamification via roadmaps/security targets
  • Training based on Phishing results


  • Product Specific (i.e CheckPoint)
  • Technology Specific (Firewalls)
  • Process Specific (Firewall Policy Management)
  • People Specific

In Person

  • For Boards new to managing Cyber risk
  • All staff meetings
  • NERC CIP Training
  • IT department focused

Security Awareness & Training

Effective cybersecurity is about more than policy and architecture. Your people are the lifeblood of your business—they’re also your first line of digital defense and often your greatest weakness. Cybercriminals will almost always take the path of least resistance—and more often than not, that involves phishing.

Plenty of businesses have security awareness programs intended to prevent this, and they all have one thing in common. They’re painfully, frustratingly boring. Instead of gaining any insight or value from these sessions, people take the check box approach, leaving your organization exposed.

M87 does things differently.

Stay Current

In-person training and simulated email campaigns cover the most up-to-date real-world attacks in a friendly, welcoming manner. 

Integrated & Intuitive

M87’s turnkey, fully-managed training platform provides continuous assessments, baselining, and seamless user directory integration

Minimize Training Time

Target your training and education at the tactics that represent the greatest threat to your organization. 

Bring Leadership Up to Speed

Your leadership team represents just as significant a threat as your employees — which is why M87 provides training specifically geared towards executives. 

Why M87?

The more disengaged your employees are with cybersecurity, the more attractive they are as a target. Because our people think like hackers, we know exactly what sort of tactics they’ll use with phishing attempts. And we also know how important it is that people actually understand and engage with what they’re being taught. 

Cybersecurity can be an incredibly dry topic. We work with your teams to keep them engaged, teaching best practices, showing just how easy and fast we can compromise not only corporate information but an employee’s personal information, and more. Our program provides much more than simple training.  

 With us, you get everything you need to address your unique security challenges, no matter how complex.  We’ll give you the foundation to succeed, and help you strengthen the weakest link in your security chain in the process.

  • People first, processes second, product last
  • It takes a hacker to beat a hacker
  • We handle the heavy lifting
  • No more blind spots
  • Proactive and reactive operations in one
  • Security you can understand

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