Complimentary Services

Complimentary Services

Don't let a data breach
destroy Your business

Is your organization at risk? Try our free services to see how your cybersecurity program stacks up to the latest threats.

Complimentary Services

Don't let a data breach destroy your business

Discover valuable insights into your organization cybersecurity effectiveness

What We Offer

M87 offers a series of free services to new and existing clients that improve visibility when it comes to your cybersecurity program. Want to take advantage of this offer? Fill out our assessment and you'll be paired with an M87 cybersecurity expert within 48 hours.

Breach Analysis and Detection (BAD)

Not every threat can be prevented by traditional security controls. We leverage state-of-the-art AI to detect and mitigate everything from internal bad actors to stolen/leaked credentials.

Schedule a FREE Breach Analysis & Detection Report

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Breach Attack Simulation (BAS)

Is your business prepared for the threat of a cyberattack? Put your crisis response plan to the test with a light breach attack simulation. We also offer premium BAS via our SOC.

Schedule a FREE Breach Attack Simulation Report


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Compromise Assessment (CA)

Has your organization already been compromised? This no-obligation service will help you determine if you’ve been compromised and your next steps.

Book a FREE Compromise Assessment

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Incident Response Retainers (IRR)

Decrease insurance premiums, bolster customer confidence, and ensure that if the worst should happen, you'll be ready. 

Ask us for a free IRR, with no upfront costs (some conditions apply).

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Cyber Hygiene Report (CHR)

Find out if your policies and processes are enough to get you through a data breach with a free, self-guided cyber hygiene report. 

Get your Cyber Hygiene Report

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Ransomware Simulation

Can you withstand a Ransomware attack? Find out before it’s too late with our comprehensive ransomware simulation service.

Schedule a FREE Ransomware Simulation


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Why M87?

24/7 support. Passionate technicians. Security expertise. You hear the exact same marketing jargon from every security expert on the web.

Our philosophy is that to defeat a hacker, you need to think like a hacker. And that’s precisely what we do. We know your enemy, we know what makes them tick, and we know how to make the ticking stop. And we offer much more than data breach preparedness. With us, you’ll receive a full foundation that supports all your security needs. You’ll be free to focus on growing your business, knowing that we’re always watching your back.

  • People first, processes second, product last
  • It takes a hacker to beat a hacker
  • We handle the heavy lifting
  • No more blind spots
  • Proactive and reactive operations in one
  • Security you can understand

Is your cybersecurity program keeping your company safe?

Try our free services and receive deep insights into the effectiveness of your cybersecurity program.