Breach Attack Simulation

Breach Attack Simulation

Protect Your Business from Ransomware with M87 Cyber

Don’t let ransomware be the downfall of your business. Protect yourself against cyberattacks with customized attack simulations tailored to your organization.

 With M87 Ransomware Protection, you can get a free complimentary assessment and start preparing for the unexpected today.

Maximize Your Security with Proactive Risk Management

M87 ransomware protection provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to help detect, prevent and respond to the threat of ransomware attacks. With our complimentary assessment, you can quickly identify potential risks and begin mitigating those threats before they become an issue.

Validate controls. Protect more. Manage risk.

The traditional methods of validating security controls are no longer sufficient in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. To protect your business, you need a comprehensive approach that takes into account the entire security ecosystem and allows for easy integration of improvements. This can be especially challenging for understaffed teams and businesses undergoing transformation.

Validate your security controls

Validate your security controls and protect your business from cyber-attacks. Identify vulnerabilities and take action to remediate them before they can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Manage Risk better

Proactively manage your risk with M87 Cyber’s simulated breach and attack scenarios. Identify vulnerabilities and take action to remediate them for a secure business.

Protect More

Protect your business better with M87 Cyber. Get expert advice to minimize the impact of a security incident.

Why M87?

In the cybersecurity space, there’s one thing that’s in short supply — people. There simply aren’t enough skilled experts to go around. M87 is proud to help its clients address that problem.

But our clients get more than just a few managed services. We take a targeted approach to protecting your business, informed by over a hundred years of combined expertise. Our people know how cybercriminals think, so we know the best, most efficient way to ward them off. 

Stop struggling with network security. Let M87 shoulder that burden. You focus on doing what you do best.

M87 Benefits
  • People first, processes second, product last
  • It takes a hacker to beat a hacker
  • We handle the heavy lifting
  • No more blind spots
  • Proactive and reactive operations in one
  • Security you can understand

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