Press Release | SafeBreach Announces Strategic Partnership with Honeytek Systems

Toronto, Canada Jan 18, 2023 –Honeytek Systems, a Canadian cybersecurity company that provides innovative cyber solutions, today, announced a new MSSP partnership with SafeBreach, the pioneer in breach and attack simulation (BAS). The collaboration enables both parties to help their clients significantly improve their cybersecurity posture and reinforces SafeBreach’s commitment to growing its channel and business in Canada. BAS is a fast-growing method for enterprise security teams seeking more effective ways to reduce cyber risk. SafeBreach is a proven leader in the BAS industry with expertise serving enterprise teams across various industries.

In a statement during the partnership announcement, HoneyTek Systems CEO, Nitish Hejmadi highlighted how the partnership allows HoneyTek and its affiliate M87cyber to offer its continuous security validation powered by the SafeBreach BAS platform to help customers drive down risk against threats and maximize their security control investments. Integrating the solution into exposure management portfolio, the Honeytek Cyber team can offer SafeBreach, providing a powerful and versatile managed solution that allows customers’ security teams to safely execute various realistic and advanced attacks against security controls to gain visibility into security gaps. As a result, they can improve the efficacy of the security operation center (SOC) by reducing the mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR).

Nitish added that HoneyTek Sytems would offer a complimentary assessment based on real-world ransomware attacks. This assessment enables customers to run a customized attack scenario based on the cyber kill chain and actual ransomware behaviour—including MITRE ATT&CK TTP of today’s most prolific ransomware gangs to gain unparalleled visibility into how their security ecosystem responds at each stage of the defense process.